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Frank Baum 1900

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Wizard of Oz

Most of the characters in The Wizard of Oz appeared to the public in 1900 when renowned writer Frank Baum first published his fantasy book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This book received wide readership across the world which made sure that these characters were quickly known by very many people. Decades and centuries after they came to life, these characters are still going strong and have the powers to entertain and make people laugh. The most captivating story that made these characters become so popular was that of a school girl in Kansas around 19th century who dreamt of an imaginary place in the clouds called the land of oz after their house was struck by a cyclone.

While there, she met several imaginary Wizard of Oz characters whom she interacted with freely. Dorothy Gale was a schoolgirl who lived most of her life as an orphan and starred in the fantasy book. Her popularity played a vital role in coming up with the plot of many other fantasy books by Baum. She exhibited great courage in the story by confronting the scariest of all situations that no man would dare set his foot on. This fitted well in her role as the main character as she led by example and showed great levels of creativity. She has massive experience in the production of fantasy books as she has starred in almost every book by Baum. In addition, she came out as one the most dependable characters available.

The Cowardly Lion is yet another imaginary character in the book The Wizard of Oz. The most unusual thing about this character is that despite being a lion, he used to live together and interact with human beings giving the fantasy book an interesting twist. To the contrary, this lion is filled with a lot of fear and once the wizard discovered its weakness he used it to order the lion to drink unknown liquids that would increase the fear it felt and the wizard would rule over them all. The lion was ashamed that despite being regarded as the king of kings by other characters it could not live to their expectations and would hide behind other characters to try and gather some courage that was not forthcoming.

The Scarecrow was described as the wisest of all characters in The Wizard of Oz because it used to trick others. In one of the situations that stand out clearly, the scarecrow lies to fellow characters that it lacks the brains whereas in the whole book it clearly demonstrates through its actions that the brain is there only that it is ignorant. In addition, the scarecrow has appeared in many other books exhibiting the same characteristics and continued to rule forever. There were other characters like Tin Man, Door Man, Cabbie, Munchkins, Toto and the Head Monkey even though some played very inferior roles. The Wizard of Oz generally had a captivating plot that provided the much needed entertainment to children and other interested people the only problem being that it was after all imaginary.

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