Cast Iron 1894 to 1965

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The history of the Hubley toys goes back to 1894 when the manufacturing company was incorporated in Lancaster. This was done by John Hubley and from that point onwards, the company has been known to produce toys. In the early days, the toys were made from cast iron and included guns, vehicles drawn by horses, bookends and doorstops. Among some of the popular iron cast toys were dogs and up to date, these are considered to be highly priced collectibles.

When the automotive age came in, they concentrated on trucks, cars and other transportation models. It was during this time that they started making metal replicas that resembled actual car models of the Model A Fords along with other car models. In this regard, it is important to note that some of the A Fords include the Station Wagon, Sedan, Coupe, Victoria and the Roadster Pickup. While these were manufactured in large scale, it is important to note that they were hand painted and for this reason, each model was appreciated and became a treasured possession. This is because they varied not only in form but also in the quality of the paint as well as design.

Later in 1940, they started using die cast zinc in the manufacture of the cars and by the turn of the 1960’s, the company had started producing different lines to differentiate toys for younger children from those of hobbyist collectors. Over the years, the Hubley Company managed to come up with innovative designs which attracted the larger market. It is due to this fact that they started manufacture of cars as well as trucks. As a matter of fact, Hubley has a range of American cars, trucks and some foreign car models in the market.

Some of the earliest models to be introduced in the market by Hubley include the 1934 Chrysler Airflow, the Ford Coupe of 1934 and the Lincoln Zephyr 1937. Up until 1950, the company placed an emphasis on production of toys for kids. Over the years, there have been several developments made in the production line. For instance, in 1960, Hubley is known to have produced a new line of Real Toys which were manufactured on the scale of 1:50. Among the things that stand out with these models is the fact that the manufacture paid consideration to detail.

As stated earlier, though the Hubley line is produced on a large scale, most of them are handmade and it is for this reason that they are considered unique. It is for this reason that most buyers prefer to be on the lookout for the unique and rare models though they understand that the costs are slightly higher compared to other models. The beauty about the Hubley models is the fact that they can be bought with ease online. Though as a shopper, it is important to be on the lookout for the original designs. As such, when shopping, do so from a reputable and known dealer.

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