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Superman is widely seen as an American fiction character and has been largely used by comic book writers to provide entertainment to young people. Due to this, Superman has enjoyed massive publication rights worldwide and information about his origin has been evolving with time as the world transformed slowly to modernity. This has left everybody guessing the right origin of Superman and the year it came to existence. As early as 1939, the concept of using Superman in the comic books in the US to entertain children was already in the works and the idea later materialized. Come the early 1960s, another Superman was introduced this time round paving way for the characters published in the early 40s to feature together with those existing in the 60s.

Superman, the character, experienced radical changes over the years as different writers sought means and ways of simplifying the comic line to a more understandable thing. This consequently resulted to the rewriting of all the books written using the character so as to conform to the existing setup. The continuity of the comic stories was largely affected as many characters who were either Superman's friends or relatives were scrapped due to a variety of reasons key among them being death though imaginary. In a sudden twist of events, Superman died in 1993 but later was resurrected under a mysterious situation and went ahead to marry Lois Lane in 1996. The twists and turns surrounding Superman's origin again came to the limelight in 2004 leading to him being rendered powerless in 2006 even though this did not last for long as the powers were later restored.

The same year, a confrontation he had been involved in turned to be a blessing in disguise as with the death of his father he managed to discover Kador a lost city. Notably, Superman has grown over the years to become a very influential and powerful comic character. His most commonly known powers are super breath, super hearing, super fight and vision powers which allow him to see past any obstacle and enemy. Superman had a group of supporting casts who acted alongside him and helped bring out the comic themes as intended. Most of the support casts were in different scenes depicted as friends, colleagues and competitors to Superman although all this was in the fictitious world and nothing was near the truth. Superman has been known to produce some of the world’s finest comic stories when teaming up with these colleagues and his creativity has inspired very many stories in the many years of his action.

It is said every market has its own bad men, the same can be said of Superman who apart from creating a long list of friends has also managed to make very many enemies. These enemies include; Lex Luthor, Brainiac and Bizarro who viewed him as an impediment to their development and growth in the world of comics as he outwits them all.

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