Metalcraft from 1955 & Hasbro from 1991

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Tonka is a toy company that is based in America and is popular for construction of equipment and toy trucks. At first, the company was first known as Mound Metalcraft and it was intended to produce garden implements. The idea of manufacturing toys and marketing them came around after the company buildings former occupants failed in being able to market two metal toys they had produced. Afterwards the Metalcraft Company had some modifications and they came up with another logo “Tonka” meaning great or big, that was designed by Erling Eklof and with that the company started marketing toys.

Soon afterwards the toy marketing business grew and became the company’s primary business and on the 23rd of November in 1955 Metalcraft Company was renamed to Tonka Toys Incorporates. At that time the company's logo was oval and the Tonka Toys name was in red placed above waves presumably to honor Lake Minnetonka that was just nearby. The company was later bought in 1991 by Hasbro.

For a long time now, Tonka has been producing various toys that range from the girlish toys like Keypers, boyish toys like Rock Lords, Steel monsters and Gobots and even dolls which include Hollywoods, Star Fairies and Bathing Beauties. Again the Tonka Toys Incorporated Company was the original producers of a toy line known as the Pound Puppies. In the 1980s, the company was the one responsible for licensing all products that were animated Japan Toei Doga and inspired by Maple Town.

Apart from the toys and dolls the Tonka Toys Incorporated produced various computer games like Tonka Raceway and even at one point bought rights to market and distribute a system known as Sega Master System after its producer made a decision that stopped them from competing with United States’ Nintendo Entertainment System. Even then Tonka marketing and distribution strategy did not work and therefore it lead to a sharp decline in the marketing of Master System's products.

In 1964, Tonka Toys Incorporated acquired Mell manufacturing company that was located in Chicago and this enabled it (Tonka) to expand its business further. Reports have it that a museum in Winifred, Montana known as the Winifred Museum has a collection of Tonka Toys in the excess of 3000 and this makes the museum to have the largest collection of Tonka Toys globally.

Today Tonka Toys are made from different materials and primarily plastic and even so the Tonka quality is still preserved just as before. Even though today's Tonka trucks frames and wheels are made of plastic, the plastic is durable, heavy and very suiting for both muddy and dry weathers. The trucks dump beds are made like the original trucks and are made from steel (heavy duty). The dump area has a handle to provide for sturdy grips that allow for the bed tilting when dropping the truck's loads and returning the bed to its normal position once the task of off loading is complete. Tonka Truck Toys have a life long warranty. With these kinds of trucks aspiring and young engineers will have quite a great time with the Tonka Truck Toys.

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