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GI Joe 12

The G.I Joe Action Figure collections and accessories were introduced to the market by the Hasbro group in the early 1960's. The Hasbro Company developed an interest to renew all of the G.I Joe action figures of the 1960's “Hall Of Fame”. They decided to introduce a new line of action figures that were based on the original G.I Joe action figures. The new version of the G.I Joe Action Figures was introduced to the market in early 1996 but under the Kenner label. A few additions were made to the new G.I Joe action figures. They included African American action figures which had different complexions and variations in the head sculpt designs. The new action figures had a lot more to offer than all the previous G.I Joe 12” Hall of Fame versions. The new G.I Joe action figures offered a high level of articulation, more that the previous versions did. The new versions of the action figure toys included; Airborne MP, Dress Marine, Battle of the Bulge, Navy Seal w/raft and a lot more action figures which included the HOF bodies and an adaptation of the head sculpt of the 1960's models. The new bodies were close in spirit to the older versions of the G.I Joe 12” action figures because they were articulated in a similar manner, built with a much heavier plastic and had very stiff joints which negatively impacted the action figures. The new G.I Joe outfits have a tag similar to the ones in the vintage era but they are labeled “Made in China” as compared to the old label read “Made in Hong Kong”. The G.I Joe action figures came with two dog tags on every single chain. One dog tag had the G.I Joe logo and the other represented the outfit that the action figure belonged to. These kinds of dog tags were introduced with the action figures from the hall of fame in the 1960's introduced by the Hasbro group.

The original packaging style of the G.I Joe action figures was the window box package. The new action figure packaging was meant to resemble the earlier method of packaging. It included a wood grain background in the window box and also some graphical representations of the enclosed soldier. This packaging proved to be the best one ever but they could have done more. Many more versions were released through the Hasbro group authorized collectors club.

Some special edition versions were also released and they went for about $140. Modeled after the 1975 action figure version, the classic collection received its very own footlocker. The footlocker was all made of plastic and its hinges and clasp were also made of plastic. Unlike the 1975 version, it also had cord carry handles. The dimensions of the footlocker were almost identical to the 1975 ones but had re-enforced corners. The G.I Joe collectible action figure toys have been around for a long time now and kids from the 1960's, who are now grown men, know all about these toys.

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