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Erector Set

Toys play an integral part in the development of a child. For over 90 years many parents have adopted the Erector sets as a staple for their children’s development. Although few people realize the role played by this set for all these years, generations have gained a lot from the building components encouraged by the Erector sets. With the recent transformations to modernity experienced across the world the erector brand has developed the erector set principle in such away that both children and adults, who still love the erector idea, create more classics and designs such as cranes, motorcycles and skyscrapers like The Empire State building.

The Erector set idea was first invented by A.C Gilbert in the year 1911 and manufactured two years later for over 50 years until 1967 when the manufacturer A.C Gilbert Company at the Erector Square factory in New Haven was declared bankrupt. A few years later the idea was bought by the Gabriel Company of Lancaster who started manufacturing the Erector sets that were nearly identical into the 1980s.

Despite the competition from more toys of recent times such as the molded plastic construction toys and electronic toys the Erector set has continued to play a big role in children's toys. In fact it is associated with being part of the subject of the first national campaign of an American toy. Its success therefore made it part of the American culture. With scores of different kits of Erector sets being made in the past decades, some of them have been used for different applications. "No. 12½" deluxe kit which brought the blueprints of robot “ Mysterious Walking Giant” was one of the famous kits among most children.

Part of the Nikko group found in Japan called Meccano S.N of France has manufactured the current Erector sets that are referred to as Meccano. The Meccano however don't have the flanged beams of the Gilberto Erector Sets. Schylling Toys have been distributing these toys in the United States for the past few years. Eli Whitney Museum in Hamdem Connecticut is home to a collection of the A.C Company educational toys including chemistry sets, Erector sets, radioactivity experimentation kits and microscopes.

Some of the significant applications of the Erector sets are scientific. For example Drs. William Sewell and William Glenn used the sets to build an artificial heart in Yale School of Medicine, in 1949. The external pump is said to have bypassed the heart of a dog. Dr. Kevorkian used an Erector to design his suicide machine as seen in HBD movie. Erector Sets are available in many toy shops offering a wide selection of sets fit for children of all ages. The current Set models include: ? Erector Set Special Edition ? Erector 20 Model Case ? Erector Build & Play Motorize Bucket ? Erector Build & Play Easy ? Erector 10 Model Set -190 pc ? Erector 5 Model set ? Erector model Set ? Erector Tuning RC Carbon Style ? Erector Tuning RC Red Hot Racer ? Erector Power Tool ? Erector Build & Play Train ? Erector 25 Model Set

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