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The Hasbro toy company was responsible for developing the Transformers line of toys. The line grew to be very successful over a small period of time and this made the Hasbro toy company a lot of profits. The Transformers line of toys was created from some toy molds that were produced by the Japanese company which was known as Takara but changed its name to The Takara Tommy Company. The Hasbro Company also used molds from many other companies which included molds from the Bandai toy company. During the 1980's, the Hasbro toy company bought the rights to the molds and branded them Transformers so that they could distribute these toys throughout North America.

The Transformers toy line was divided into two major groups which were the good robots and the evil robots. The good robots fought for the rights of the people who inhabited the Earth and they were known as the Autobots. The evil robots, the Decepticons, wanted to destroy the Earth and everything on it. The Autobots saw that the Earthlings were very peaceful people and they did not deserve to be destroyed by the Decepticons and that is why they decided to stay on earth and defend it.

The story line behind the development of the Transformers line of toys was well thought out and that is why the line of toys is very famous throughout the world. The toy line came soon after the release of the Transformers cartoon TV series, which was originally developed in Japan, started being aired on television stations across the world. The continuing TV series was a big hit and kids all over the world were imitating the moves that were made by the Transformers in the series.

Many children in the world used to watch the Transformers TV series and they used to pester their parents to buy them the action figures from the Transformers series. The Hasbro toy company saw a lot of potential in the action figure project and went on to buy the whole toy line from The Takara Toy Company. In exchange, the Takara toy company was given the rights to manufacture and distribute the Transformers line of toys to the Japanese market. The Transformer toys have the ability to transform from cars into robots that have a lot of fire power behind them which they use to defend themselves and the Earth.

The story line behind the Transformers was becoming weak and that is why the Hasbro Company decided to create other small stories behind the main story. The small adventures of the Transformers in between the main theme proved to be a very good idea because it boosted the sales of the toy line and also the number of kids who watched the TV series increased. The G1 toy line proved to be very successful and made the Hasbro toy company a lot of profits. The first generation toys proved to be very successful but the other generations of toys from this line did even better in markets across the world.

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