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Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple, the image behind all the Shirley Temple dolls, was a very famous American film as well as Television actress. She was also known in the great circles of friends and admirers as a singer, dancer and author. She is one of the most revered celebrities who are well remembered and epitomized by many enthusiasts. Furthermore, she has been commercialized in the form of dolls and her image as a super star. The availability of these dolls since the 1900s has made it recognizable to many as the Shirley Temple doll. Additionally, the intrinsic value of this doll has gone up as the years have passed by, making it worth lots of money.

Shirley Temple dolls have been produced since the 1930s with several significant lulls in production in some of the years. Since the first creation, they have come in different sizes from as small as 11 inches and the largest are about 28 inches. It is still possible to get these toys with various sizes that range from 11 to 27 inches.

You could say that it is the avalanche of celebrity cults that made these dolls become famous. Shirley Temple is an early edition of the celebrity bug that hit the world in the 20th century. With the advent of multimedia, this actress’ prowess was made more recognised internationally and within a few years of her debut she had become a commercial icon. The reputation of Shirley movies is what made the dolls sell more during this time than any other thing.

The most renowned company to have ever produced these toys has been the Ideal Toy Corporation. This company began the production of these toys as early as the 1930s. Sadly, the company went out of business forty years later. Danbury Mint took over from Ideal and they are famous for producing the porcelain forms of these dolls. These porcelain dolls have become one of the world’s collectable toys.

Shirley Temple dolls have been made out of various materials in the years that it has been in production. It should be remembered that there were several versions of these dolls made from paper. Before Mint produced the porcelain versions of these toys, Ideal used to make the toys using Vinyl. These versions of the toy were made from the mid 1930s to the 40s. The porcelain versions are more collectables than play toys.

Shirley Temple toys are produced in mass production and are widely available. However, this toy has become more popular with individual collectors. This is one of the reasons why these toys have become highly priced. Some of the collectables are toys that were made in the 1930s, those that come with real outfits and those that were produced with striking features. A rare issue of these dolls, such as the Baby Shirley dolls, in its original box can be bought at prices that surpass even $1,000. It is the 1957 vinyl doll that sold for much more than those that were produced in the years that followed. As for the dolls that get re-released they sell at much cheaper prices.

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