Major Matt Mason

Mattel 1966

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Major Matt Mason

Major Matt Mason was an astronaut figure that was conceptualized by Mattel. Its design was first based on information that was attributed to a group of military hardware magazines.

Mason's crew consisted of four astronauts figures. They shared a common body which was made out of a rubber like substance. They also had detachable heads and space helmets. The figures were also different in colors. The four characters who made the crew were Mason, Sgt Storm, Lt. Jeff Long, and Doug Davis.

Accessories in the toy line comprised of a moon base, different lunar surface, and space vehicles. These gadgets were powered by batteries, strings, and pneumatics. These accessories became popular because they were designed based on ideas that were promoted by NASA. Other collectibles such as the moon suit and the space station were conceptualized from popular magazines.

Later, a handbook for the same was developed with illustrations by Dan Speigle. However, its popularity fell in the later half of the 70’s as enthusiasm for space discovery dwindled. The founder altogether abandoned the toy line in that period. Regardless of the fact that it was abandoned, it is still a remarkable collector’s item.

Another popular figure in science fiction that has been linked to Matt Mason is Callisto. He is Matt Mason's friend from the planet Jupiter. Characteristic features of this alien in science fiction is that he has advanced mental powers.

Callisto is cast out of black rubber and he is adorned in an outfit that is a mix of blue and green. His head is made of green transparent rubber with black and white eyes.

Collectibles of Callisto were first copyrighted in 1968 and a year later production of toys began. Callisto's body figure is the same in size as Major Matt Mason's crew. There are two different molds for Callisto's body each with different specifications.

The alien figure comes equipped with a unique assortment of equipment. These are a space sensor that cascades over his head and bust with additional power aiding bellows. Everyone in these elements is made in a purple plastic with a transparent tube that hinges from the bellows up to the sensor gun. When you press the bellows, a thread pops out and moves in and out while the bellows is pressed and released. Other items in this package include decals to adorn the equipment.

The Callisto figure package is of an 8 5/16 x 8 5/16 blister card. It weighs roughly four and a half pounds. Callisto is packaged in space mission team, space discovery set, and lunar command set all of which are boxed. Care should be taken when handling these packages. They have been noted to melt especially when the plastic accessories come in contact with each other for a long time. Because there are two different packages, it is not easy to tell which the original Callisto is. In the package you will find details of card size, stock number, and instructions on the back of the package.

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