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Mattel 1968 Red Lines

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Hot Wheels

Introduced into the market by the American toymaker company Mattel, Hot Wheels can be classed as a die throw toy. In 1996, it was considered the only competitor to Tyco’s Matchbox brand after Mattel acquired the rights. They were first introduced in the market in 1968 with the Red Lines. During this time, they were manufactured at an approximate scale of 1:64 and these were supposed to be associated with the track sets of Hot Wheels. It is estimated that over the years, more than 10,000 varying Hot Wheel models have been introduced in the market.

Note that in 1968 Hot Wheels released 16 different cars with Red Lines wheels into the market some of which include; Cougar, Barracuda, Firebird, Hot Heap, Volkswagen and the Corvette among others. These managed to perform superbly in the market and due to this fact in 1960; they released other designs some of which include the Police Cruiser, Lotus Turbine, Rolls Royce and the Charger. Also, during the same year, they produced some classic models which included the 57 Bird, 32 Ford Vicky, 31 Ford Woody and 36 Ford Coupe. It is important to state that during this time, Hot Wheels managed to produce only 21 car models and it is largely due to this reason that they became an admired collection.

The Hot Wheels cars are authorized by dealers such as Ford Motor, Chrysler Motors, General Motors and Toyota. It is due to this fact that Hot Wheels has been licensed to manufacture scale model of the cars. In order to design the Hot Wheel toy version of a current model, the design blue prints of the actual car has to be studied. A classic example of this is the Hot Wheel Chrysler 300. In order to manufacture this, the Hot Wheels team had to evaluate the design of the 300 model as well as the actual car. Once they did this, they were given the license to the blueprint and from there, the model car was manufactured. However, after studying the blue prints they were required to return them. These are ranked among the best collectibles by most people and this is largely attributed to the fact that they are ideal for people from different age groups.

As stated earlier, since the inception of the Hot Wheels there have been several variations and they come in different shapes and styles. It is largely due to this reason that the same has become famous on a global scope. It is precisely for this reason that over the years, there is a continued improvement in technical modifications of the Hot Wheel models.

In essence, though the cars are only six to seven cm in length, they have details that are stunning and come with the exact features of an actual car. What is more, they also have the same luxurious look. At this point, note that these Hot Wheels models come in different categories ranging from street cars, extreme cars, vans and off road models as well as rigs or buses. In the history of the Hot Wheels models, there have been some popular models and some of these include the Speed Shifters, Monster Jam Super Stomper, and Double Shotz Power Rocketz.

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