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As a kid growing up in the 80's there was nothing cooler than He-Man and the Masters of The Universe figures. He-Man was like the ultimate hero. He along with Battle Cat and his other allies would battle the evil Skeletor and his evil minions. The toy lines from Mattel which were designed in 1980 and then launched in 1981 or 1982, depending on where you lived, were Mattel's answer to the incredibly popular Star Wars line of toys. Mattel had tried to make a few other boy centric action figure lines, but they never caught on not like Masters Of The Universe did. An animated series was created which was seen by any as nothing more than a vehicle to sell more toys......., and it worked.

The original line of eight figures just flew off store shelves all over the world. He-Man, Skeletor, Zodac, Teela, Startos, Man at Arms, Mer-Man and Beast Man were joined by the amazing Castle Greyskull play set and a few vehicles as well. Mattel went all out with their first wave of action figures. Over the years, the line would just explode with many characters getting new variations and of course new characters, vehicles and play sets were also released.

MOTU Masters Of The Universe
A selection of MOTU original figures

Part of what makes this such a great line for people to collect is just how cool these toys look even to this day. There is just so much personality to each toy something that is kind of lacking in modern toys.

Even to this day Masters of The Universe is one of the most highly collected 80's toys. There is a modern adult aimed line of highly detailed Masters of The Universe action figures that Mattel has had a great deal of success with. But it's the original line that many people want to collect and for fun we are going to look at three of the rarest and valuable Masters of The Universe action figures and play sets.

1986 Eternia Play Set Series 5

This play set is a monster! It is huge and it just looks flat out cool. This is one of the holy grails for He-Man collectors and they hardly ever pop up on eBay and when they do, they are, most of the time, missing pieces. The play set released as the Masters of The Universe was kind of winding down in terms of its popularity. Still to find one of these mint with all its pieces is easily going to cost you over $500 and for a mint in box one you can probably double that!

1984 Battle Armor He-Man & Road Ripper Series 3

Now this is a great gift set that was released in 1984. Not only do you get a really cool He-Man battle armor figure, but you also get one of the most fun Masters of The Universe vehicles, The Road Ripper. This is one of those odd items where finding a loose Battle Armor He-Man and a loose Road Ripper is not all that tough but, finding one still in its box, well that will set you back anywhere from $400-500.

1987 Scare Glow Series 6

Scare Glow is a very interesting character in that he never actually appeared in the TV show. There were a few characters released at the end of the toy line which never made it to the TV series and he is one of them. Due to his really cool appearance and the fact that he can glow in the dark made him one of the more popular figures as the toy line was reaching its end. Now finding a Scare Glow loose is not all that expensive. But a mint on card one is easily going to cost you up to $500.

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