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Diecast from 1956 by Mettoy Playcraft, UK

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Corgi Toys

With the numerous brands of toys found in the market, corgi remains one of the top choices to many individuals and it has even been recognized as a market leader in regards to diecast toys and collectables. It was founded in 1956 where it was introduced at the British Industries Fair and has been popular ever since as they are made from high quality material and are fun to play with. One of the things that made them peoples favorites is the fact that they were among the first die cast toys to have windows. They later introduced other exciting features to the toys like spring suspension, jeweled headlights, rear lights, trans-o-lite front and operational windshield wipers.

Corgi toys are not expensive and many people can afford them; the cars for instance only cost a couple of dollars. There are numerous guides that one can use to make their search for the toys easier to know the latest editions as well as the ones made many years ago. The vehicles were manufactured in the UK by Mettoy Playcraft Ltd. The company began its operations in 1993 where it decided to market a number of toys that has disappeared from the market.

When it decided to produce the corgi toys, they were well received in the market where they made high sales thus the producers decided to concentrate on them to come up with the numerous versions found in the market today. The cars are some of the best known toys and were made more popular when they featured on television and in films like James Bond, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Batmobile. The Aston Martin DB5 which featured in James Bond remains one of the toys that recorded a high number of sales in the company’s history.

There are different categories of car models manufactured by Corgi like the classics that are mostly collected by adults to remind them of their childhood days. Major toy models where one could get the heavy commercial vehicles or fuel tankers. The circus vehicle models where one could get the crane truck that came complete with, a pulley, hook, and blue and red circus livery colors. The animal cage trailer- this came with a large cage that featured metal bars and 2 part opening doors. Later models of these cars came with animals which made them more real and fun where everyone felt like they had to get one.

Other than finding a variety of car models with the corgi toys, one can also find aircrafts. These are made from high quality materials that allow one to play with them for a long time when they are still in good condition. Here one can get various categories like the classic Concorde, battle jets, European fighter typhoon, Boeing flying fortress and many others found in the market. It is usually very easy to find these toys as they are stocked in very many stores. One can also find them in online stores which makes shopping more convenient as all one has to do is browse through the numerous categories to get the one they like.

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