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No doubt when you read, say or hear the word diecast. Images of cool cars and other vehicles will come flying into your mind. There have just been tons and tons and that by the way is probably literal, of diecast toys released for decades.

Hot Wheels are probably the most famous diecast vehicles out there these days and many people still love to collect these up. Corgi Toys from the UK also have a really huge following and have been making diecast toys since the 50's. Corgi was known for making very realistic cars, vans, air vehicles and much more. Matchbox, Tonka and Dinky are just a few more of the popular diecast toy makers.

Diecast took off and is still a popular method of making toys to this day because of how it is possible to have many nice little details in a toy. It is also possible to mass produce a toy at a reasonable price. Although it has to be mentioned that the cost of setting up a die casting project is very expensive, in the long run toy makers were guaranteed higher detailed toys and in the long run they would wind up cheaper.

Diecast collectors will no doubt know the difference between diecast, stamped steel and cast iron. But for someone new to the hobby this can be a little tricky to tell. Cast iron toys have a somewhat knock off look to them and lack the I guess you could say polish that a diecast toy would have. Cast iron was used to make toys from the very early 1900's. Stamped steel is just what you would think it would be a sheet of steel is stamped into the shape of a toy. This is a method that while not the norm is actually still being used to this day and even some of the major toy makers such as Tonka and Buddy L have used this method.

Diecast collecting is quite a diverse thing. You see its very likely that if you were to go to a large flea market, swap meet, garage sale or whatever that if there are toys there that you will find at least one diecast model. So on one hand diecast collecting is a hobby that is very affordable and a great deal of fun to do as they can be found out in the wild rather easily.

On the other hand thanks to the internet some diecast prices have just gone through the roof. There are some real dedicated collectors out there who now thanks to the internet can track down that diecast car they were looking for even if it is from the other side of the world. Just typing diecast into EBay will open up hundreds of things for you to check out!

One other interesting thing about diecast is that while the first thing that will pop into most people's mind will be some kind of vehicle. Diecast has also been used by some major toy lines as well. There are numerous Star Wars diecast toys that are very popular. There is also an incredible line of Diecast Transformers that really do look amazing.

Diecast is a really cool thing to collect and while many will get into collecting diecast with cars and other vehicles in mind. There is a huge world of amazing diecast toys out there for you to discover!

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