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Micronauts are some of the common toys in the modern world. These toys are part of interchangeable space toys which include; vehicles, play sets, and figures. They were produced by Mego Corporation from 1976 to 1980, since then they have become household names in the toys industry.

What makes Micronauts toys more unique is the fact that they can interact; this is a unique feature that was first used in these toys and spread to other toys in later years. This therefore makes it more convenient in that the toys can talk, walk, and carry out some tasks as directed by the kid or user. Due to this reason, the playability of these toys significantly increased and was among the most sought after toys all over. More so, these toys have different parts that are removable. This therefore makes it easy for the kid to remove and at the same attach them as he requires.

Micronauts toys consist of figurines, sets and vehicles that have interchangeable parts, this provides unmatched creativity and fun for kids, this is attributed to the fact that these parts allow the kids to mix and match them thus developing a unique and private play world of their own. Due to their popularity, Marvel Comic adapted the toy line to come up with a comic book series, this also played a vital role to these toys in that they were brought back to life in a wonderful vivid life that was referred to as Microverse.

In the recent past, it has been witnessed in that Micronauts collectors had new opportunities that they used to expand their collection, this is because online collector groups, auction services as well as collectible retailers from the entire world made some lucrative wealth when they sought to obtain these toys that were common during their childhood as well as those that were never offered in their respective countries. Worth noting is the fact that Micronauts and Transformers can exchange accessories basing on their interchangeable parts system. Recent productions of Microman and Micronauts toys that were created by Palisades Toys from USA and Takara in Japan offer collectors more options of building on their favorite childhood interchangeable toys.

The 2005 Toy fair revealed some amazing new evolution in the Micronauts world, this is because a rare take on classic characters were undertaken and incorporated latest action figure design standards courtesy of SOTA toys. Due to these unique features are redevelopments of these toys, you can still enjoy the fun you once had during your childhood and in case you missed these toys, you can also grab one. More interestingly, it is believed that the best present that you can give to your child is Micronauts, this as earlier indicated is attributed to the fact that they offer a whole new range of playability and the designs are just great. With these many designs, you can easily choose on the one that suits the needs of your child.

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