From 1934 to 1979 by Mecanno, England

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Dinky toys are one the most popular die cast miniature trucks and cars. They were introduced into the market in 1934 the same time Meccano Limited, Liverpool, England brought in a new line that was known as “Modelled Miniatures”. This was introduced under the Meccanno Dinky Toys trademark. The company started out by making trackside and railway accessories that were used for train sets. This led to the production of 6 model cars that were made together with a model track complete with passengers, workers, and other accessories. The cars at the time were only made as representations and were made from tin plates and rubber tires.

However, with time the company began to manufacture real toys that included sports cars, planes, delivery vans, motor trucks, tractors and tankers. In the beginning, the dinky toys were only made from impure alloy. After the war period, the company used high quality alloy to make the toys to ensure that they could be used for longer periods of time. The packaging of the toys also changed to ensure that each had a unique box to make them more attractive. This was an impressive move as it led to an increase in sales.

Ships and airplanes are an important part of the dinky toys as they make up a huge percentage of the toys. The brand offers both military and civilian aircraft with most of them having generic names for easier identification which was an important feature of the company. The production usually started with simple models but later moved on to more complex ones that looked and performed better as new technologies had been integrated. Some of the popular models made in the earlier years include: Avro York, Imperial Airways liner, Junkers Ju 89, Vickers Viking, Super Marine Spit Fire and many others.

Dinky also introduced a range of vans which were well received in the market as they came highly recommended by everyone who had purchased one. These were identical and came with a metal box that had rear doors the users could open with ease. This led to the introduction of various models of the vans like the Bedford S cab and Guy Warrior cab. There are some that came with miniature loads that the users could load and unload with ease. The line also led to the introduction of a number of military vehicles that came complete with loads.

Dinky toys also went ahead to manufacture various models of motorcycles that were a great addition to their products. One can also find a number of emergency vehicles where you can choose the one you prefer. There are some rare toys that are also available that one can use if they like collecting the toys. These are very good items to give as presents to loved ones on special occasions as one can access a number of gift sets to put a smile on someone’s face. One can also find catalogues that can use to get a guide of the toys available in the market as well as the latest additions to make the shopping process much easier.

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