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Saban 1993

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Power Rangers

Featuring a team of costumed heroes, Power Rangers is among the longest running live action TV series for children. It owes its origin to Super Sentai permit. During the initial stages, it was a production of the Saban entertainment. Later on, it went to BVS Entertainment though currently, it belongs to the SCG Power Rangers. The very debut of the Power Rangers was in 1993 and it was known as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. During this time, it was part of the programming for kids and it is largely due to this fact that it managed to measure up to Ideal Action figures and toys made by Bandai.

During the initial inception of the Power Rangers, there were major concerns from certain quarters that it was not ideal for children. This was largely attributed to the level of action and violence incorporated in the show. However, the franchise continued to grow and by the end of 2009, it had made a major turnaround and had 17 TV seasons, 15 series and the last series, the Power Rangers RPM was launched in 2009. Come January 2010, the first series was rebroadcast in the midst of expectations to launch a new Super Sentai series. Later on, word spread around that the rights of the franchise had been bought back by Saban and the plans underway were to deliver another premiere that would have 18 seasons as well as 43 new episodes.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers includes ordinary people who have the capabilities to morph and become superheroes. They dress in battle suits which are color coded, and have opaque visors as well as helmets. The purpose of the elements is to ensure that the identity of the morph is protected and there are instances when some Power Rangers have the capability to ward off blows than to the shielding capabilities of the suit. If you look at the Disney series, one factor that stands out clearly is the fact that the rangers that are not morphed also have the ability to acquire superhuman skills such as invisibility and getting super speed powers which are major attributes found in rangers.

In most cases, rangers are known to operate in a team of five though there is a sixth one that joins the team once progress has been made. In this regard, a team of three stands the chance of getting expanded. There are colors that match to every suit of the Power Rangers such as yellow, red, blue, green, black, white and pink. What is more, each ranger is supposed to take up a certain name in accordance to the color they are wearing.

In addition to this, it is important to note that they are named in accordance to the color they have and different teams have varying helmets and suit designs. There are rules which are outlined before progressing with the Mighty Morphin and they have to be adhered to strictly. It is however important to note that with each new series of the Power Rangers, there is a new color used for the palette and this varies through the years.

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