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Big Jim

The initial release of Big Jim action toys was in 1972 by Mattel and it was meant for North America and Europe. The figure came in orange shorts with white stripes and a karate board dumbbell. Later it was renamed Kid Acero in Latin America and in Europe nicknamed Mark the Strong. The concept was originally borrowed from G.I Joe. Jim's line was smaller in figure size and had a press button in the back that enabled the character to perform a karate kick action. He resembled a normal Caucasian with no added characteristics apart from having an every day good attitude and enjoying life.

Big Jim was the usual good leader of the group. Big Jack became among the few African American action figure with a pleasant attitude that were sold in toy shops without the usual racial discrimination. Big Josh had a beard and was one of Jim's close friends. He was portrayed as the toughest figure in the group. Big Jeff also Jim's buddy, was an Australian with blond hair and was Jim's opponent in the boxing game but both were on the American Olympic team.

Other characters included; Dr. Steel, Chief Tanuka, Torpedo, Zorak, and Whip. All these characters had a role to play, with some acting as friends and others as evil villains for Jim to play the hero part, he had to defeat villains like Zorak.

The Pack would be a great gift for children because they loved playing with action figures with every one of them wanting to be the hero and not the evil figure. It is possible to find adults with a huge collectibles of Jim figures. The reason being some have nostalgic memories of back in the day when they worshiped Big Jim as children. The memories have never left them and they treasure them up to date, with their special rooms and bedrooms filled with collectibles.

In Global Command, Jim featured as the head of an adventurous mission team, Astros a true friend to Jim dressed in a space suit, Dr. Alec was capable of desert and jungle missions and also a member of the Global Command team, Baron Fangg was like a chameleon enabled with a special mimetic armor allowing him to emulate his surroundings and Vector a rival to Astros with supersonic fighters and a cosmonaut.

The adventure series was composed mostly of camping and explorer vehicles and these were the first play sets ever made in the entire toy line. Three animals were released with this first edition: a rhino, a crocodile and a gorilla. Up to now the Hunt the Crocodile set is one of the most recognizable among all the Big Jim's entire sports line. The franchise went on to be successful and even had world wide celebrity appeal. Today Big Jims collectibles are very much sought after by the many lovers of Jim. One of the easiest and quickest ways of buying this action figures is by searching online where you will find a diverse collection waiting for you to purchase them. If you have some coins to spare then you will find what you are looking for.

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