Trucks from 1944 to 1958 ; 1979 to now

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Smith-Miller trucks were the order of the day for kids who grew up about 50 to 60 years ago when the trucks were a big hit among most kids. Most of the toy enthusiasts of the good old days now enjoy every minute of the time they spend restoring their favorite B Mack Bekins and L Mack Lumber trucks, M.I.C Dump truck among other designs that they received for Christmas.

The trucks are designed in models similar to the original trucks and are around 1/16th scale. For those interested in most of the original trucks you can find the parts by making an order on a website or by contacting by phone. Since the orders of the ordered trucks are shipped through UPS, a customer can get the Smith-Miller products within a period of 7-10 business days. After which one is able to keep enjoying these marvelous toys.

The Smith-Miller products are displayed in events like the Hayward Toy Show among other shows over the weekends in intervals of about 8-10 shows per year. This gives old and new lovers of the toys the chance to get a touch of the Smith-Miller toys. Fans and potential customers interested in the products should keep an eye open for the next shows in newsletters to see new developments and new products from the manufacturers. Most of these shows take place in California where they are manufactured. All the parts of these toys are also hand-painted and hand assembled.

History of the Smith-Miller Trucks After 23 years of being defunct, an ordinary citizen called Fred Thompson developed an interest in the remnants of the Smith-Miller incorporated which had specialized in the making of trucks of 1/16 scale. During this period the owner didn't actually realize that he had a potential business idea with the several boxes, barrel and crates containing toy trucks and parts that most people were seriously looking for. In the Spring of 1979, Fred Thompson approached the owner of the remains of the parts of the trucks he owned.

Fred who found the company four years earlier in his search for the parts to restore his favorite trucks from Smith-Miller, finally made good his promise to buy the company from the then owner of Smith-Miller Company. He went ahead to solve the problem of finding the parts of the Smith-Miller trucks that were hard to find. Although some people argue that Fred sold his acquisition to new owners due to the lure of huge profits and hence the reproduction of the original Smith-Miller trucks, such claims have been proved not true. In fact the idea didn't appeal to the passionate toy collector let alone selling his acquisition.

Fred Thompson instead felt two courses of action would be beneficial to both the company and the truck collectors. He therefore came up with a strategy of selling all the Smith-Miller trucks that were in production and stock and come up with new trucks with similar quality that had never been seen in the toy market before.

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