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Super Powers

The Kenner Products is a company that was introduced back in 1947 by three brothers; Joseph L., Albert, and Philip Steiner. The toy company was located in Cincinnati which is situated in Ohio in the United States. The name of the company was coined from the street on which the original offices of the corporation were.

The Girder and the Panel building sets were the initial toys introduced by the company back in the year 1957. The ‘Give a Show’ projector was then introduced in the year 1959 and Easy Bake Oven in 1963. Many toys have been introduced since its establishment among them being the Spirograph drawing in 1966 and the Starting Lineup Sports action figure of 1988. The company was the first to use the Television for toy advertisement, back in 1958.

The production of the action figures with super powers started with Star Wars which began in 1977 to 1985. After the rejection of the toys of Star Wars in 1976 by Mego Corporation, Kenner acquired license for the production. It is at this time that the company managed to popularize the 3.75 inch size of the action figures. This became a standard size for the industries since then. The company also produced the toys of The Six Million Dollar Man which was a popular television series of the 70s.

The Super Powers Collection which was produced between 1984 and 1986 is the most acclaimed line of production by the company. The toys were coined from the DC comics which started back in the 1920s. The main reason why the character gained lots of popularity is they were modeled the same as those on the comic books style guide. Most of the characters also performed some action. The superman toy’s legs could be squeezed to throw punches.

There are many super powers products that were produced by Kenner and these include Batman which is a character that is highly popular all around the world and many people are able to relate with it, Star Wars which were the first products ever produced by this toy company. These are figures that are well known up to date although they were first heard about in the 1970s. There are also the Six Million Dollar Man toys that were produced by this company which are still being collected by most people up to these days.

The Super Power Collection which was created in the 1980’s was mainly based on the Super Villains and Superheroes of the DC Comics and it was one of the best. These were toys that were designed in a way that when their arms or legs were squeezed they gave out an action. There were different characters in this collection which had different designs and they would also do different actions like punching and kicking mostly. This led to many people being associated with this production line and this meant that children would now enjoy more super heroes’ characters and programs.

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