Johnny West

Marx 1965

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Johnny West

Johnny West is an action figure that gained Marx Toys top billing on the 'Best of the West’ toy-line. The 'Best of the West' toy line had featured characters that made use of the western motif with a wide selection of accessories. Johnny West was first introduced in 1965 and over the next ten years, various productions were made of the same. The original Johnny West body was made from hard plastic colored in caramel with the hands and head made of more pliable, softer and light colored plastic. There were little changes made to the Johnny West figures. However the early 70’s saw the introduction of figures that had a lever used to draw a pistol, and the figure's right hand was a little different from the original figures. Again, that version body was in blue-plastic.

There are various Johnny West accessories available on the market today. The accessories are in various colors, shapes and sizes thus enhancing people’s freedom of choice when it comes to selection of the accessories and toys. Some of these accessories include Cowboy clothes and gear, Indian accessories, cavalry accessories, General Custer, Mike Hazard, Jane West, Princess Wildflower, Stony Smith, Viking weapons and clothes, tack (western, harness, cavalry and Viking), knight accessories to name but a few. Again Johnny West figures are available in Vikings, Indians, Cavalry, Cowgirls, Cowboys and Knights.

You can get Johnny West toys and accessories by making online purchases. There are a number of online sites that offer different Johnny West toys and their accessories as well. One such site is eBay. This location offers a number of different toys and accessories at reasonable rates. Even then when it comes to buying online, one must be very cautious as in many occasions the displays are deceiving. One should be aware that it is not easy to get a delivery of an online order that looks exactly as what was displayed. Secondly, when purchasing online one must first be sure that the site actually deals in the Johnny West toys and items. This is to help you avoid situations that may lead to losing money to unrealistic and unreliable people in the pretense that they sell the Johnny West accessories and toys.

Another way to get Johnny West toys and accessories is by getting them from local retailers. Depending on one's location, you will find different toy shops that stock Johnny West toys. With the purchase of these toys, one should be careful to ensure that he gets the original ones. The original Johnny West toys are a product of Marx and hence you can determine the originality by checking on the producer. Getting an original Johnny West toy is better than getting a re-issue. An advantage of buying original toys and accessories is that they are more effective and durable as compared to re-issues. Even then, a re-issue can also be purchased and used if you desire. One of the advantages of re-issues is that they are cheaper than the original

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