Produced from 1919 to 1975

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The history of Structo toys dates back to 1908 when the Structo Toy Company began its operations. A few years later, the company established a working relationship with A.C Gilbert in the production of the Erector Sets that were marketed by the A.C Gilbert Company. By the year 1919 Structo formed their own Read Built line through which it continued producing some of the best steel toys ever witnessed in the toy market across the world.

The company managed to stand the great depression and produced toys that were sold in the range of $1.25 to $5.00. Surviving toys are currently hard to find and relatively expensive. Structo produced the steel toys until 1942 when it converted to producing shells and storage tanks that were more military like to suit the then market demand. All this happened during World War II when most toy companies diverted their toy production from the traditional production of normal toys and started producing war time necessitates. Although some toy production companies succumbed to the depression Structo for instance produced the Dump Truck that was a favorite to many kids who had been craving for toys after the war was over in 1950.

Structo Toys had exhausted the use of the green and yellow colors and started using the red color that they eventually employed in the production of the Dump truck. The truck is believed to be one of the only trucks of its age that is in good condition to date, because the manufacturers used pressed steel that is very durable. Its features make it a perfect toy for display to most passionate collectors of our time.

After WWII Structo came up with a state of the art line of production that saw the emergence of large scale toys that had rubber wheels among other details. Today some of these construction vehicles including cars and trucks are highly sought after toys by collectors making them very expensive. They can cost up to $100.

There are several dandy models of the Structo toys that make them irresistible. With the Structo Auto Builder Outfit you will never get tired playing with the Structo toys. If you do a random check in most of the hardware stores and toy departments dealing with toys nowadays, you will realize that the Structo Auto Builder Outfit is the most sought after by collectors. With parts that look almost like real machines you can assemble them and build your own automobile. This is a fine sport that shows kids how real machines are built. They are all large strong and handsome machines with several features of real cars.

With the recent developments in technology more and more people who have a hobby of collecting old and original models of the Structo toys have furthered their collectibles. Playthings toys, among other Structo models are all available on the internet. As you may realize toys play an integral part in the development of children. To open the field of play for your kids you should introduce your children to the restoration and collections of the old models of the Structo toys.

Structo toys was sold in 1975 to Ertl

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