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Star Trek

Star Trek is a science based fictional television program. It was created by Gene Roddenberry of the United States and televised from the mid sixties to the close of that decade. Thereafter, it was developed in a further sequel which went by the name of Star Trek: The Original Series. When it first premiered on NBC TV, Star Trek did not become an instant hit.

In the Star Trek movie, Romulans were a race of alien. They also appeared in several series thereafter. In the series they were depicted as the villains who waged war continuously with the opponents. They were characterized variously as cunning, opportunistic, and passionate. They were also the dominant race in the Romulan Star Empire.

Over the years, the original Star Trek series inspired a number of enterprises to come up with Star Trek toys. Star Trek original has over the years become popular with toy manufacturers. There are several toys that have been made based on this science fiction.

Some of the toy accessories that have been made from the Star Trek sequel include Star Trek warships models, ornaments, and cards. One toy accessory that has become popular with many kids is the Romulan Star Trek war bird. This toy accessory comes in many models and sizes. The Romulan warships were alternatively referred to a warbirds by the Romulan Star Empire. They were of different models such as drone ship, bird of prey, and class battle cruiser.

The Star Trek series follows the adventures of the Star Trek Enterprise. The series survived through moments of low ratings and at one point, it was almost cancelled from the NBC TV line up. Eventually it was cancelled after poor ratings.

This, however, did not lead to its abandonment. Even after it was cancelled, it grew immensely in the 1970's and it had an immense cult like following. It even entered into the annals of history when it was recognized by the Guinness World Book of Records for having the most spin-offs in TV history.

Notable episodes of this science fiction include: The city on the Edge, Forever, Space Seed, Mirror Mirror, Amok Time, and Journey to Babel among others. It has received different reviews by many magazines and media outlets.

Some of the popular Star Trek collectibles include figure cases, coins, playsets, prototypes, child size toy weapons, beast assortments, don post, micro collections and many more. These toy accessories have been in the market since the seventies. There are several manufacturers of these toys. One of the reputable manufactures of Star Trek original toys was Remco which was a division of Azrak Hamway.

Remco's toy product line was diverse and well priced. It included; magic hat, phaser and stun gun, utility belts, and earthquake tower. These toys were modeled after the original Star Trek.

In the 13th anniversary of the original Star Wars more toys and accessories were manufactured as memorabilia. These toys have remained popular and will remain popular as long as the Star Trek legacy shall live.

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