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Ghostbusters is one of the most beloved franchises from the 1980's. Without a doubt if you grew up in the 1980's then you will have very fond memories of the Ghostbusters. The first Ghostbusters movie released in 1984 was what introduced us to Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston, but it was the 1986 animated series called The Real Ghostbusters that gave us the most nostalgic Ghostbusters toys.

It would be Kenner who would make the first Ghostbusters action figures in 1986 and they would be released around the world in 1987. The first wave of Real Ghostbusters action figures was a huge hit. The original wave consisted of the four Ghostbusters Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston. And a tremendous job was done in replicating the way that they looked in the animated series. And to make it even sweater each Ghostbuster came with their own individual ghost. As well as this each figure came with a really nice proton pack that had a proton beam sticking out of it. These figures were a great deal. As a kid you could buy just one action figure, but in that package you get not only the Ghostbuster, but also a ghost and a proton pack for him to catch a ghost with.

The first wave also have two larger figures in the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man and Slimer or as he was called "The Green Ghost" it's pretty weird why they decided to call him the Green Ghost, but all us kids back then called him Slimer. Stay Puff Marshmallow Man was a great figure and his larger scale made him seem like a real threat to the Ghostbusters.

The later waves really expanded the line. One of the most notable things to come out of the Kenner Ghostbusters line was the Fright Feature figures. These were really funny and by squeezing their legs they would get a scared look on their face. As well as re-releasing the Ghostbusters with new and fun features. Kenner greatly expanded the line of ghosts that were available. These came in all shapes and sizes with most of them having their own action feature such as the Bug Eye Ghost who could shoot his eye at the Ghostbusters and the H Ghost who could squirt water. The ghosts in the Real Ghostbusters toy line were just incredibly imaginative.

One thing that was a huge success for Kenner was their line of Ecto Plazm. This was a tub of goo that would also have a mini ghost inside it. Kids just loved this stuff because not only could you use the Ecto Plazm to cover your Ghostbusters with, but you also got a neat little ghost as well. The Ecto Plazm also came into play with a special line of figures the most notable ones were called Gooper Ghosts. These guys were larger and would come with some Ecto Plazm and the idea here was that you could put the Ecto Plazm in the ghosts which resulted in some very messy fun.

As well as figures Kenner also released the Ghostbusters car Ecto-1 and the Ghostbuster fire station headquarters play set. This was a very well detailed play set that is very sought after to this day. As well as these toys and play sets. Kenner struck gold with their kid sized Proton Pack, Ghost Zapper, Ghost Trap and many other role play items.

The original line of real Ghostbusters figures is one that people like to collect not just because of nostalgic reason, but because these really are some of the most fun and interesting figures of the 1980's.

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