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Transformers Beast Wars

Transformer Beast Wars is a toy-line that was released between 1995 and 2000 by Hasbro and the television series debuted in 1996. The television series was a production of Canada's MainFrame and edited by Larry DiTillio and Bob Forward. It consisted of three seasons all of which are available in DVD in Region 1 Territories and USA. Transformer Beast Wars main factions were the ones used by the original cartoon. That is, Autobots descendants who are the Maximals and Decepticons descendants who are the Predacons. The Predacons and Maximals stemmed from predator and mammal. Megatron is the leader of the Predacons. Megatron leads his forces on a mission of hunting for Energon (powerful crystals) which is to be used to gain dominance and power. Megatron and his forces aim at hunting down Energon with the help of Darksyde (Megatron stolen ship that is equipped with transwarp drive) and Golden Disk (an artifact). Axalon (a ship used by Maximals for exploration) led by Optimus Prime is sent out to stop the Predacons. The Predacons and Maximal ships plunge through space/time phenomenon which was made by the transwarp drive leading to a land-crash on a mystery planet which is has large deposits of Energon.

The Energon deposits are too much and they turn out to be poisonous to both Maximals and Predacons. This causes the two to seek for alternative organic forms to be used in the provision of protection until need for their actual robot forms arises. Hence the robots take various animal forms that include birds, mammals, arachnids, dinosaurs and insects. The Maximal team is considered the good characters and Predacons are the evil characters. Dinobot is both a good and evil character who changes sides by first becoming a Predacon and eventually a Maximal. Blackarachnia and Quickstrike were creations of Maximal protoforms but had Predacons shell programs fitted on them and hence making them to favor the Predacons. Predacons battle and argue for leadership while the Maximals make use of good natured arguments and use of team work. This makes the Maximals more effective against the Predacons.

Transformers make a discovery that they had traveled back into the past and hence the Megatron make a decision to wipe off human civilization and later take control of the Ark (Autobots previously crashed spaceship) and later on kill the leader of Autobots known as Optimus Prime. This achievement could mean a win for the Predacons and hence prevention of the Autobots awakening by humanity which in turn leave the universe ruler being Megatron.

Transformer Beast of War is in three seasons. The first season is made in color, NTSC, DVD-Video and Box set format. It is original in English and it runs for 620 minutes. The DVD was released in August 2003 and is available in 4 discs. The second Transformer Beast of War season is also made in the above mentioned formats, available in 2 discs, runs for 330 minutes and was released in March of 2004. The last season of Transformer Beast of War is available in all the above mentioned formats, makes use of English language, runs for 350 minutes, it is available in 2 discs and was released in September of 2004.

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