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Minnie Mouse

The Disney pictures have gained lots of popularity among the young and old generation when it comes to entertainment. It is among the first company to introduce the TV shows. Minnie Mouse is a Disney character in a cartoon developed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. The two created the character which was first drawn in line with Mickey Mouse back in 1928. Initially, the character was known by the name of Minerva Mouse but her name later changed to Minnie. She is the queen of the Disney Universe and her voice is by Actress Russi Taylor. The character is often portrayed as the wife/ girlfriend of Mickey Mouse.

Minnie Mouse is the most favored toy by girls. She is found to be cute and intriguing when playing. The combination of her red clothes and the golden shoes is one of the aspects that make her the most favored character. Most of the boys have also been found playing with the character. She is usually a mouse only that she walks on two legs and the fore legs are arms with four fingers each. She is a cute character especially when considering her way of dressing and behavior.

In most of the cartoons, the character Mickey Mouse is often presented as doing something embarrassing which in turn makes Minnie angry. The same happens in Donald Duck in spite that Mickey tries to apologize for the mistake done. Being a couple, Minnie is used to present a good wife or girlfriend. She is committed to her chores and a good dancer. She is also used to show the care of Mickey, as the husband, in cases of trouble where he rescues her from danger. The two characters play their roles well and it is out of this reason why they are commonly used in toys.

Due to the popularity that Minnie Mouse has gained among the kids; most of the toys are manufactured based on her. The designers tackle every aspect of the character and come up with an exceptional toy. The toy is usually dressed just like the TV character and is in most cases accompanied by Mickey Mouse. Other accessories associated with the character are also provided. Some of the most common toys provided with Minnie include the Kissing Minnie, infant Costumes, Goofy, Clubhouse, part bands, Minnie’s clock, and lunch box among other items. In most cases, the items are those used by the character or are printed with the character on them.

The cost of the Minnie Mouse toys ranges depending on the size and design. Different manufactures use different designs to complete their toys. Most of them are made of plastic and immobile while others can bend and do a number of tricks. The rubber toys are the best option for the reckless kids and the movable ones the best option for the older kids. Some of the models come with changing clothes to help the kid customize them to their preference. The cost of the toys starts from as low as one dollar and can go as high two hundred dollars. It is important to note that the cost is also determined by the store from which the purchases are being made.

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