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Buck Rogers

When it comes to the world of toys, there are very many toys that you can get your child. Among the most common toys of all time is the Buck Rogers. This toy was introduced in the market in 1933 and since then, it has become a common necessity to most kids.

Since its inception, this toy has experienced massive changes that are meant to offer great playtime to the kids. Technically, this toy had a ray gun and was upgraded to a XZ-31 rocket pistol. More changes were yet to follow with the XZ-35 and XZ-38 making their appearance respectively. The marketing point of Buck Rogers is the fact that they are harmless and produce sounds like a real gun.

Mego’s Buck Rogers is the latest version of this toy to be released and comprises of 12 inch figures and 3 ¾ inch figures. To enhance the services and play capacity of these toys, they come with an array of play environments as well as vehicles. Currently, there is the Buck Rogers of the 25th century which has incorporated the use of ‘Land Rover’. As much as this is a claim, it has some truth in that the vehicles used have similar appearance to the real land rover. These vehicles are useful in that the youngsters are able to place figures and any other stuff inside and with the ‘Real Motor Sound’ as well as decals. Most kids who cherish these toys were able to fulfill their dreams of having a terrain based adventure via the use of the land rover.

Laserscope Fighter is another curious addition to these toys. This vehicle has some resemblance to the aforementioned vehicle known as star fighter and it is found in video games, toy and standard play vehicle. The technology applied in this toy game is also great in that a character can easily be placed in a cockpit and the child can look through the view screen at the object in the cockpit. With the use of the telescopic focus control he can engage the laser, the object in question will be locked in the screen and then it would appear to explode. This impression is also enhanced via appropriate sound effects that make the child feel a real explosion has occurred.

Worth noting is the fact there is a star fighter command center in the Mego Buck Rogers. This is the place where Buck and his colleagues spent most of their time making the commands. The figures and toys used are among the best features of Mego in terms of facial sculpting, accuracy, detailed costuming and unmatched play value. It will therefore be quite hard to ever see toys of this kind in any other year or century unless Mego comes up with other Buck Rogers.

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