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Charlie Shultz 1952

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is a lovable loser character in the Peanuts comic strip that was created by Charlie Schulz. He was one of the famous cartoon characters who were used to depict some of constantly failing characters in real life. Charlie Brown is very much liked for the fact that every kid who faced failures at every stage of his life or feels that he has no luck whatsoever, can relate with him. This cartoon character in all the strips was shown to have some of the worst luck in his life. He was constantly being mocked by the other casts but he still did not give up. The only connection that Charlie Brown has with Charlie Schulz the artist and illustrator of the Peanut Strip is the fact that they both had a barber for a father.

Peanut, the comic strip in which Charlie Brown was a character was one of the most famous and greatly acclaimed newspaper strips of its time. It may be this reason that it is one of the revered toys that most enthusiasts like to collect. Charlie Brown has been feature several cartoon strips and films but it is his cast in the Peanuts comic that brought his character to light. Furthermore, it is relation with his dog Snoopy that made him even more renowned in the comic strip world.

The first comic strip featuring Charlie Brown was first published in 1952. In this strip he was depicted to be an endearing youthful loser who was often bossed around by most of the characters in the strip. Although in these initial strips he was more of an assertive and playful character, he later become a young man who understood his failures and bad luck and was ultimately subjugated by his insecurities. The Charlie Brown character looked almost the same in all the series that he featured in. however, there were several stylistic differences in the way Schulz drew him. Even though Charlie was seen to be bald, he had a bit of hair on his front head and his few strands of back hair became known as tote. He was famous for wearing stripped plain shirts and was part of a gang which included Snoopy and the little yellow bird.

Snoopy is well known for being the sad looking loser, a character that he acquired years later. It may be due to his persistent nature that Charlie has been able to survive the test of time and still remain a popular cartoon character that is even made into toys. He did have occasional victories in 1993 and 1995 strips but most of the times he faced humiliations and mockery from the other casts. One of his achievements was when he defeated one of the casts, Joe Agate, in a game of marbles.

The end of the comic strip in 2000 did not diminish the popularity and lessons that Charlie left to all his enthusiasts. He is so famous that most people like to collect his toys as mementos of one of the great characters that were ever invented in the cartoon world.

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