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Police Detective, Cartoon & Movie Character

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Dick Tracy

When it comes to movies and cartoons, different people have their own different lines that they find interesting and captivating. Dick Tracy has been in the cartoon industry for approximately 80 years.

The toys come with a wide array of accessories that were captured in cartoons, comics and movies. To many kids and individuals, Dick Tracy is a fine and favorite because in many videos, Dick is portrayed as a character that knows how to blend action in the craziest manner. He is known to be a quite a social and general guy who can easily fit into any story. For example in one of the videos, Dick was portrayed as a police detective figure in action who could ride in a cool gangster car. It is clear that the police and gangsters are not good friends thus giving Tracy the honor of being able to fit in many story lines.

The Dick Tracy toy line has quite a number of playmates and characters; they include big boy, the blank, the b row, flattop, and Steve the tramp. The playmates add value to Tracy's films and quality sense of humor. The action figures have great expressions especially the Playmobil police officer.

In other movies, Dick Tracy is portrayed as an ignorant character who is dirty, and would walk alone in the streets as a very scared character. He would often get threats from Steve the tramp and this has been incorporated in many toys. Some are made with Tracy carrying a knife and his eyes sprouting out in a funny manner.

Dick Tracy toys are very interesting and funny. The toy line also presents Dick Tracy wearing square jawed private eye. The shocker toys aimed to claim back the good name of Dick Tracy by sculpting the character in another perspective that provides humor. The toy was then painted with beautiful and attractive colours that were black and white, thus bringing out a sophisticated and dynamic work of art.

The shocker toys give Tracy a friendlier look and a funny character and thus it has seen the toy line win a large audience of fans. In the yester years Tracy always styled up as a detective who kept vigil in the streets and though at times he seemed so lonely and scared, Tracy continued to remain important. Today owing to technological innovations, character tries to blend old fashioned values with the latest innovations bring about stories involving; capturing computer pirates, terrorists and gang members by use of the latest devices such as tracking machines.

Today Dick Tracy is part of toy lines that operate with remote controls and features colorized variant models from the movie series dubbed the tick series. They are widely available in the markets over the counter and also over the internet at affordable prices. Dick Tracy is part of many families toy collections.

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