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Mega Bloks

Mega-bloks give children a chance to share their imaginations through construction of toys. At the Mega Brands there is a lot of creativity geared towards developing the minds of children in a bid to build a better tomorrow. Mega brands not only produce mega bloks for preschool children and boys but also great construction toys for girls of all ages. Whether you are looking for an assortment for work, school or play, you will find a wide variety of games and puzzles that can entertain the whole family, in the mega brand catalog.

Mega bloks are available in all sizes including maxi, mini and micro. The only limitation one has to consider when building things with mega blocs is the level of imagination and the shape and size of the blocks. As you may realize some of the sizes are compatible with Lego brands of similar size.

Using different sizes of mega bloks you and your child can build classic constructions such as buildings, castles and bridges that are usually favorites of young enthusiasts. You can opt to using flat pieces for the center of the bridge while you explain to the child the need of middle support in a bridge. For children who love castles you can alternatively use pre-constructed sections like walls or castle towers to build a giant castle. Mega bloks can also be used in creating skyscrapers, barns and basic houses.

For those who love animals, creating animals like rhinoceros and giraffes can be a very entertaining venture to share with your kid. The secret is using mini and micro sizes off mega bloks in the building since the smaller the blocks used in the construction, the more detailed the animal will look. You should consider sketching out the model of the animal to make the whole construction artistic. For beginners it's advisable that you start out with simple designs before you try out more complex sketches and images of animals depending on personal preferences. Note that if your child has received sets with different features that include people or animals, you can diversify the field of play and create entirely new creatures like a man with a lion's head. The good thing about the Mega Bloc figure parts is that they can add a new dimension to your child's play.

If your child is car crazy you should look for a set that has pieces necessary for the construction of various types of vehicles including motorcycles. The options are indeed endless: You can opt to design a vehicle from top to bottom and using the rectangular pieces in creating the center body of the vehicle and attach wheels or construct race cars and see which one is fastest. The idea is having your children enjoy deriving fun from what they like doing.

Mega blocs from mega brands are steered towards bringing creativity to the world through engaging kids in safe and fair play. There is a wide array of Mega brand products that can suit every personality and lifestyle.

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