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The Smurf is probably one of the most collectable cartoon toys of all times. Its popularity has exponentially increased over the years. Furthermore, books, films, comic strips have been made out of these characters. Some of the most famous Smurf characters are; Papa Smurf, Normal Smurf, Smurfette, and Angry Smurf.

Smurf as a character figure was first introduced to the world in 1965. However, the female version of the Smurf was only produced six years later, and was given the name Smurfette. The Smurfs were produced during this first year of their introduction but it is believed the Smurfs life begun in 1958. Pierre Culliford, also known as Peyo, was the first person to draw these cartoon characters. These characters became so popular during Peyo’s time that they were produced as a series. The three Smurfs that were earlier produced were the Normal Smurf, the Gold Smurf and the Convict Smurf. These were followed by The Spy Smurf, Angry Smurf and Drummer Smurf which were produced a year after the first three.

Smurfs have always been blue in colour and little in stature. Over the years many versions of these Smurf have been produced in different countries. With the coming of the first Smurf book, it was inevitable that it would be turned into a film. The first of these books to be turned into a film was “The Flute and the Six Smurfs”. This edition opened ways for more books to be written and they became so famous that demand for Smurf figures grew. This was in the year 1965.

The pioneer of these characters, Peyo, later teamed up with Hanna-Barbera Studios 1982 in Los Angeles, and together they produced a record of 150 episodes of the Smurfs cartoons. Although the Smurfs were introduced in the US in 1978, it was these episodes that made to increase their fame among the citizens. These characters did not appear in the UK until 1978 when they were first used to promote UK service stations by National. It is also the National who were the official sellers of these characters.

It would not be effective to learn about Smurfs toys without taking a trip down memory lane to all the various types of Smurfs that were produced in the years that followed its inception in the US. The production of these characters came to include the seven super Smurfs. These characters were more elaborate than what was initially being produced. These included a Gardener, a Skateboarder, a Skier, a Smurf on a tricycle, a Chimney Sweep, a Sledger and a Gargmel.

From 1988 different sport characterization of the Smurfs were produced. It is also from this year that Smurfs portraying famous leaders like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington came into the market. It was also possible to find Smurfs that depicted the special occasions such as Easter being sold. Since the death of Peyo, in 1992, the production of different Smurf characters and toys has still been there. Moreover, these Smurfs toys have emerged with renewed interest to both old and new devotees of theses characters.

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