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Popeye is famous for being one of the worlds most loved and successful characters in the history of animation. Popeye the Sailor is the world’s most revered animated pop icon who is still in demand up to this date. This character was first introduced to the public in 1930. It was initially used to appeal to individuals who stuck by traditional values or those who had principles that could not be compromised and only used force in cases where he had no other choice. This character has, over the years, even been made into dolls.

Popeye was introduced to the Americans in 1933 and had a unique way of speaking that was often hilarious and comic. It is this vernacular way of speaking and the many crazy and strange adventures that he took part in that makes this character so endearing. Most of these adventures involved him using almost supernatural abilities to defeat his enemies and thrive through his life. He took these adventures most especially to resolve the issues that he had with his enemies. These animations of Popeye were done by Max Fleischer who made the characters come to life in all ways.

He is a fictional hero who has appeared in several strips and films and was first created by Elzie Crisler Segar. Although the Thimble Theatre comic strip is where Popeye first appeared in 1929, he only became popular after he was made the main focus in the strip. Thimble theatre was first published in 1919. After the death of Seager, the pioneer of this character, several writers took up the task of continuing his legacy. The strip was renamed to Popeye and was reproduced in the years that followed Seager’s death by artists who had been hired to draw them.

One character that was very much loved by Popeye was Oilve Oyl, his lady love who, compared to him, was more of a softie. He had these huge muscled hands that were his resourceful weapon when it came to hammering his enemies. He was also well known for always having a corncob pipe in his mouth even when he was fighting. He did not use it at first in each occasion that he encountered them, and in most cases he was even clobbered by these characters, but once he took the spinach he cold defeat any of his enemies as he acquired superhuman strength. His victory was always determined by him eating this spinach.

Popeye editions can now be found in DVD forms and toys and they have been able to bring to light some of the classic Popeye editions for enthusiasts to enjoy. These come with animated shorts and bonus features. With more than 60 episodes of Popeye the sailor these DVDs have been able to capture some of the most memorable episodes. This character has been famous for many years and has even been nominated for Academy Awards.

The popularity of Popeye is what led to the creation and production of some of the best collectable toys in the world. These toys are very much valued by the collectors and even sell for prices that are much higher than the normal toys.

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