Flash Gordon

Alex Raymond 1934

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Flash Gordon

When set as a toy piece, Flash Gordon, as a paper strip hero and later the subject of animation in various screen media never loses his glory, war heroics or fine masculinity. This hero is usually found marooned in a newly devised spaceship by a rocket scientist, soon after the hero is recovering after their plane has gone down into flames in the wake of falling galactic objects from space. Together with his girl companion, the three are on a rush into space in the search of the intruders who may have caused the destruction of the planet. There they unearth many deadly secrets of kingdoms of the present and the past and engage in cosmic battles whose representations can be seen in the following toys and objects.

One of the best ways to find favor with this cosmic hero is by owning a figurine of Flash Gordon. There are many websites selling various brands of this action figure in various poses. While in certain occasions he is seen in his normal chest hugging vest that he is best known by in the magazine pullouts, he can also be found in various costumes that represent the dressing modes of the planet visited. At other times he is featured side by side with the Mongo emperor who is believed to be the genesis of the whole galactic saga that the hero is engaging in. The great thing about these figurines is that they are well cast and greatly human. They usually measure in a range of about 12 inches in height which makes them more than just dolls.

Recounting the voyages of Flash Gordon in tangible form can also be done in T-shirt form. There are the dark and blue of these garments that are associated with the hero in his various endeavors. They can either come plain with only the exact design and color associated with the star being the main motif as to the identity. There are others that are imprinted with the images and battle scenes where the hero features. They are set in deep colors that can be able to give the aura of being in another galaxy.

Other than Flash Gordon, there are the toys of the associates that go on to tell the story in object form. One of these is Dale Arden, the girl who befriends the hero throughout his missions. She can be found in the updated costumes that are associated with her in the silver screen. Far from the film media, she can also be found in the galactic hugging costume of the original strip where she appeared in the middle 1930’s.

The story of Flash Gordon can be continued by the plethora of toys of other major characters in the cosmic saga. These include the princes, orbital imperialists and other aliens that are met on the never-ending course of the spatial voyage.

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