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Mattel 1978

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Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica is reputed to be one of the greatest science fiction series of all time. Toymaker Mattel came up with a series of toys from the film to give kids the opportunity to play with their adorable figures. He also went ahead and produced several other toys and ships that were modeled after characters of successful television series.

There are four major kinds of toys developed from this series. The first set of toys were 3 1/2 inches in height. These figures were actually in short supply and so hard to find.

The second set of playsets consisted of probe and scarab ships which were of poor quality and, therefore, they were described as “the misfiring ships”. It was a potential health hazard, which prompted the manufacturers to configure it differently in order to improve its safety especially among kids.

The third set of toys was unpopular and they consisted of a 12 inch Colonial Warrior and the Cylon Centurian. These toys were easily produced because of its low cost of production.

There are other kinds of toys that were also produced alongside the first three sets of toys. These included items such as plastic badges, laser guns, and ships that were not related in any way with the earlier set of toys. It is reputed that some of the first series of raiders came with missiles of different colors.

Some of the figures stood at an average height of one foot. The Cylon was precisely twelve and a half inches in height. These toys were weak and most of the time they broke easily when they were handled badly.

These toys were powered by a set of two AA batteries. Interestingly, the Colonial Warrior, one of the action figures, had a light that could be fired. In addition, the Cylon had a gun too and a light-up chest sensor.

The Battlestar Galactica figures were also admirable. These figures are said to have been made from Major Matt Mason tooling. It is also believed that in 1978, Captain Lazer was recycled to produce the Colonial Warrior of Battlestar Galactica

Mattel produced well-detailed quality figures. The focus of the toy maker was on aliens which had become a major attraction on the shows. Most of the toys were designed with outfits and guns. The toy maker also produced ships for Battlestar Galactica. These ships were small in size and a replica of the ones depicted in the program.

The ships generally had miniature pilots, placed in the cockpit. For instance, most of the Colonial ships had small-sized pilots. The first set of these ships comprised missile launchers. After being recalled following a choking incident, these ships and other toys were in peace- bonded forms for safety purposes.

Diamond Select Toys another toy make was also issued with a license to produce a range of Battlestar Galactica action figures. The Battlestar Galactica statue is one of the coveted collectibles by this toy maker.

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