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Weeble Wooble

Weebles refers to a trademark for a group of children's toys which was founded in 1971 by Hasbro. These toys are characterized by their oval shape with weights at bottom ends.

The name “weeble wobble” stems from the observation that whenever they are pushed they wobble but they don't fall over completely. Some of the Weeble toys were made to assume human figures.

In the 1970s they appeared more in TV commercials as their popularity began to rise. This was also repeated three decades later when they were re-introduced to the market. In Asia, specifically Japan, Weebles extensive toy line was very popular with many households during this period.

The weebleville series of 2004-2005 was characterized by a mix of human/animal features. However, the consequent “Storybook World” series figures that were made two years later had more resemblance to humans.

There is a wide range of toys that were developed under the brand name Weebles. Their impressive toy line generally comprised of furniture, buildings, and figures. Some of the toy sets such as the “weebles circus” set had a specific theme.


The Weebles toy line can be categorized chronologically based on the series. The first series, which was produced and sold in the United States of America in the 70’s included; haunted house, circus, and Mickey Mouse play set among others. These play sets were also accompanied by particular figures.

The popular Peelable Weebles family figures comprised of father red shirt, mother, girl apple, girl flower, boy w, boy brown jacket, baby, father blue shirt, boy brown jacket, dog and at least six play sets. The haunted house comprised ghost, scared boy, scared girl, witch, and the haunted house playset.

The other play sets in the vintage series were circus, race track, submarine, Disney Mickey Mouse fun house, Disney Winnie the pooh cottage, treasure island pirate ship, wild west, Christmas, Easter, ice cream truck, Flintstones, Tarzan, ragged Anne and Andy, Sesame street play ground, and glow in the dark mail. The old vintage models were quite different from their current models.

There were two subsequent series that were produced almost back-to-back between 2004 and 2006 during its re-launch. The Weebleville series of 2004-2005 comprised of eleven items while that of 2006 had seven items.

In the new models some of the popular items were the Weeble town center, and Jack and Jill's Wobbly adventure.

Price Guides There is a vast array of Weebles toys which retail at different prices. The prices range from $10 to $50 or slightly more than that. On ebay, the Weebles farm baby preschool toy and Weebles Goldilocks house baby preschool toy retail at $10 each while the Weebles Weebalot castle baby preschool toy retails at roughly $50 on ebay.

There are also several Weebles franchises which were created from the original concept and licensed by Hasbro. For a complete list of Weebles toy series and their respective prices you can check the Weebles price guide book.

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