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Small GI Joe

The Gi Joe Action figure line is one of the most highly collected action figure lines all over the world. Even with the tag line of being an all American hero. Gi Joe was popular all over the globe. While Hasbro actually launched their Gi Joe line back in 1964. For many collectors it is the 80's toy line which greatly revolutionized the Gi Joe line by making the figures in a smaller 3 3/4 scale that is fondly remembered.

The 1982 re-launch of Gi Joe in this form was a huge success and remade the Joes as the elite military unit that would protect the world from the evil Cobra. The first line of the Gi Joe 3 3/4 action figures had 16 in the set. The 16 figures that were in this first set all had some pretty impressive articulation, but they all had straight arms. An interesting fact about the original line is that the Cobra Commander was only available as a mail in offer. Eventually towards the end of 1982 he would be available with the Sears exclusive play set. This 1982 line set the tone for what the Gi Joe action figure line would be like for the next 30 years!

In 1983 Hasbro would change things up a little bit. They added the "swivel arm battle grip" that gave the figures better articulation and made them easier to hold their accessories and in general be more fun to play with. This new articulation was really popular. So popular that Hasbro would re-release all of their 1982 line with this new swivel arm battle grip technology. The 2nd series of Gi Joe figures would also introduce Duke to the line. While he would be available the following year in series three. Eager fans could get him as a mail away figure.

The next evolution in the Gi Joe line would come in series 4 which was first released in 1985 now the figures as well as being able to move their heads left and right could now look up and down as well. Series 5 was an interesting series in that the Gi Joe cartoon series was really picking up steam and as a result a whole bunch of new characters were introduced to the line. One really cool figure is that of NFL star William The Refrigerator Perry who was available as a mail away. The following year would also be cartoon based. The Gi Joe movie was released in 1986 and as a result the action figures for that time were focused on the movie.

As the line went into the 1990's there was a new Gi Joe animated series and as a result there was a new slant on the Gi Joe action figure line to go with the new show. Hasbro did a genius marketing ploy by releasing a VHS tape of the new series with a figure included. This was a great way to get kids hooked on the new show and get them interested in collecting the new line of Gi Joe figures.

Fast forwarding a few years to 1993 the Gi Joe line exploded. The amount of figures released during this time was just crazy and as a collector back then it must have been nearly impossible to keep up with. There was a number of sub lines such as Mega Marines, Dino Hunters, Battle Corps and even a Street Fighter II cross over line just to name a few!

Towards the mid and late 90's there would be a few Toys R Us exclusive series that would be released. The first series that was released was such a success that Toys R Us wanted a new series the following year. As we get into the 2000's the Gi Joe line was dominated by two kinds of figures. These are the Anniversary edition figures that were aimed at collectors and figures based on the two Gi Joe movies.

The Gi Joe line is just so much fun to collect. A huge part of its appeal is the way that the figures from back in 1982 look great next to the ones based on the latest movie.

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