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Mickey Mouse

At the mention of the name Mickey Mouse, kids won’t hesitate to pester you into buying the toys. It is one of the best selling toys and widely loved by kids across the globe. The toys are quite attractive hence the reason why kids adore them. They come in attractive designs that are eye catching. The colours too make the kids want nothing but Mickey Mouse. Furthermore, the toys are unisex thus giving them an advantage of target audience.

They come in a wide range of designs and gear has continued to maintain its position in the market as the best selling toy. They come in the form of cartoons and beauty items and many more designs. However, do you really know when and how Mickey Mouse toys came into existence? Here’s a brief history about the toys.

The toy traces its history to 1928 when it first appeared in New York City. Walt Disney Club and Ub Iwerks wrote and directed a film in which music was incorporated by Mr. Wilfred Jackson whom included songs such as Steam Boat Willie. Following this film, a video game was released in which Mickey Mouse featured in the game. The mouse was seen to have a lot of marvelous and interesting adventures. It was then released for the super Nintendo games console and Sony play stations.

Since then, the toys exploded into the market and nowadays due to technological innovations the website too, portrays the mouse to a wide array of Mickey dressings, games, earrings, beddings, mirrors, video games and board games.

Also Disney Company came with another design of the toy in 1935. But later during the anniversary of Mickey back in 1978 a brief film was produced and sold across different states. It sold like hot cakes and for the first time in the history of Hollywood awards, a cartoon was awarded a star.

Since then, many television stations embraced Mickey cartoon films displaying him as a wonderful character in almost all the films. The kids loved Mickey and up to date the favorite cartoon for kids still remains Mickey Mouse. The toys are being sold at attractive and affordable prices thus kids won’t bother loosing some pennies on the cartoon.

Remember many versions of the cartoon were tried in various films with the cartoon. The cartoon’s first shot was given the name plane crazy and the second shot named the Gallopin Gaucho. The above were never distributed widely but when Steamboat Willie was released, it became a hit and sold the cartoon worldwide.

Disney club house too embraced Mickey Mouse and has been showing a lot of videos tracing back to 1960. The toys have become part of the inevitable toy world that kids cannot do without. Mickey Mouse is loved both by the kids and adults since it is a very interesting and lovely toy. It has what it takes to beat the competition from other toys and is still a perfect household name in the cartoon and toys industry.

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