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Pocket Super Heroes

Toys are important aspects in a child’s life thus it is relevant that you get your child a toy. This will for sure enhance his playability as well as skills in life. There are many types of toys in the modern world but none can be compared to Pocket Super Heroes.

These toys were created and released by Mego in 1979 and 1980 respectively; this was an update of the 33/4 inch comic action of the previous Mego version. The figures in these toys were based on DC and Marvel comics though Mego did not cater for the audiences of the Superman Movies. The first series of toys consisted of Hulk, Batman, Robin, Spider man, Zod, Lex Luthor as well as Superman while the second series added Captain America, Wonder Woman as well as Green Goblin. Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Robin were released during the second series cards and were also released in Canada, UK, and Italy on style cards.

What makes Pocket Super Heroes most common is the design used, this is because they are constructed solidly and that no rubber bands are used. This technique therefore makes them long lasting thus when you buy your kid these toys, you are sure that you will a long time before you get him another toy. The fact that these toys are a replica of the real movie and TV series, children prefer them for they are able to associate with their best characters.

Shuttles were also used by Mego in designing these toys. The vehicles used were recycled by this company from the Micronauts releases. Toys like Spiderman, Batman and Robin had their own respective spacey looking vehicles while Hulk had his own version of vehicle which was known as Hulk Explorer. These shuttles in most cases were found overseas while there were some two shuttles that were released in the USA which were available in photoboxes and were also identical in color to the Micronauts.

Due to the unique designs and technology used in creating Pocket Super Heroes, collectors have upped their interests, this has been witnessed in that many collectors have gone past the Mego’s 8” Offering. The technology and design used has also contributed to massive use and demand of these games. The solid construction makes these toys long lasting thus you can have them for quite a long time.

In case you are planning to get your child some toys to enhance playability and entertainment, it is necessary that you get him Pocket Super Heroes toys. This is because these toys as the names goes are portable to any place thus all you need to do is put them in the pocket. This is a unique feature that Mego utilized on these toys. More so, the technology is worth mentioning thus they are long lasting. Unlike other games that are made from poor material like rubber, these toys are solidly constructed thus they are long lasting. You will therefore save on lots of money if you get your child these toys.

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