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Topper Toys 1969

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Johnny Lightning

Manufactured by Topper Toys, Johnny Lightning was first introduced to the market in 1969. Since then, they have been considered the trend for soaring speed to cars. It is largely due to this that they had a slogan that said, ‘beats them all’ and while they might have been famous among certain people, the line was closed in 1971 but re-opened in 1994 under Playing Mantis. Among the factor that makes these models stand out is the fact that they have an eye for quality and authenticity and this is what enables them to stay in the market and attract a large following.

The initial production of the Johnny Lightning models was on a scale of 1:24 but in 2005, this was raised to a scale of 1:64. With these models, there is always something for everyone and this is attributed to the fact that they have a variety of themes ranging from muscle cars, trucks, military trucks, and dragsters. In the range of small die cast models, they are ranked among the most favorite ones for most people and what is more, they also have a limited edition of chase cars which are also known as White Lightning which only serve to increase the level of collectability for this models.

For instance, in 2008 some of the hottest models included the Classic Gold, Classic Plastic, Muscle Gold, Johnny Retro, American Chrome, John Deere, and Volkswagen. Johnny Lightning has been in the market for over 40 years and it is largely due to this reason that they are known to have manufactured a diverse range of car models suited to meet the needs of their fans.

It is precisely for this reason that currently, Johnny Lightning is known to have a large following of collectors. This is because they manufacture models that are original in every sense of the word. These include models such as the Citroen DS, and other inspired models like Ghostbusters, Dukes of Hazard and the Cadillac. In 2006, the Johnny Lightning line got an overhaul of the company image and as such, manufactured even more competitive models that were able to compete with other toy models in the market. In 2007, a new deign manager was introduced to the line causing a notable change in the overall design of the models.

The themes, paint development, and decorations made on the cars became more pronounced and appealing. In the year of 2011, some of the expected Johnny Lightning models include the Sprint car, Firebird Funny Car, Chevy cobalt Prostock, and more. Some of the other models that anyone interested in the range of Johnny Lightning models should consider choosing include the Pontiac Firebird 1985, the Ford Mustang 1965, Plymouth Cuda 383 and the Dodge Monaco Police 1977. Most of these models can be bought online and while this is the case, it is always considered ideal to carry out some background research before deciding to buy any of the Johnny Lightning models.

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