Pressed Steel and Metal 1922 to 1965

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Keystone toys are one of the oldest types of vintage toys. These types of toys were usually made from metal materials. The Keystone toys were very popular in the golden years and they also used to be very expensive because they had just been developed for kids to play with. The toys from Keystone were very advanced in those days as they resembled the types of cars that were available in the market. In the early years it was the vintage cars that were in the market and almost all the toys from Keystone had features related to the vintage cars.

Most of the metal vintage cars and toys from Keystone are on display at the Metal Toys Museum for the purpose of maintaining the history of the Keystone toys. The museum searches for the metal toys from back then and they buy them so that they can be displayed for the younger and upcoming generations so that they can see how the vintage toys evolved through out the years to what they are today. The Keystone toys came in different shapes and designs but they had one thing in common, they were all made from metal.

There was a very popular toy car which was known as the Keystone Water Pump which could spray water from its tank through a hose pipe up to 30 feet from its position. The water was sprayed by a water pump which was situated inside the hood of the car and it was operated by a turning crank below the front bumper. It had a handle bar which was used by kids to steer the car and the seats were removable. The Keystone car also had a tower which could be raised and stopped at any particular angle and the water tank had plenty of storage space for the water. The car also had a siren noise similar to the ones the fire trucks have and was a very expensive toy during those years.

Another popular toy car was the Keystone Ambulance. The ambulance was painted yellow and had two canvas curtains which were used to cover the two open sides of the vehicle. The canvas curtains could be rolled up or down whenever the need arose and this was a popular feature in the ambulances of that time. The truck also had a white flag with a green cross in the middle of it which indicated that there was a casualty being transported. There was also a small stretcher which came with the car.

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