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Captain Marvel

The Captain Marvel is a fictional character who was developed for comic books as a superhero by C.C. Beck and written by Bill Parker. He was created in 1939 but first appeared in the Whiz Comics in February of 1940 in the second issue. The character is basically an alter ego of a youth who works as a reporter in radio news. His name is Billy Batson and whenever he mentions the name Wizard Shazam, he is instantly transformed into him by a bolt. The family members of Billy Batson can also say the word and get transformed into the character.

The red, gold, and white comic superhero is a favorite to many young kids. This is the dream of most of them where they think of something and turn into it just as Bill Batson. The purchase of this toy could therefore act as a great gift for the children. The main problem however is that the toys fetch a considerably high price in the market. This does not however mean that you can not purchase the toys at a great price for the kids. There are a number of methods that one can use to reduce the purchase cost.

The purchase of the smaller sized Captain Marvel toys is a great way to cut on the high cost. Most of the kids prefer the large sized toys. This is because they are appealing and easy to manage. This has meant that most of the manufacturers tend to raise the cost of their toys. This is done to meet the market demand while at the same time meet the production cost. It is advised to purchase the smaller sized toys to cut on cost. However, do not go to the extreme as this might not be well received by the kids.

Another method that one can use to cut on cost is by choosing the standard toys. Most of the Marvel toys are customized in that their joints can bend and the clothes can be changed. The best way to cut on the cost is by choosing the fixed model toys. These are toys that are designed not to move in that they have a fixed design. The production cost of such toys is usually low and they will not fetch too great a price.

The material used in the production of the Captain Marvel toys matters a lot too. In most cases, the rubber material fetches a higher price than the plastic. This is because the plastic is more easily broken than the rubber. It is advised to compare the cost of the two and choose the most affordable one.

Finally, compare between stores. Different stores charge differently for their toys. This is as a result of their business policies, their location, and reputation. Comparing between stores can help get the best price of the toys. Do not rely on the first store that comes your way.

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