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Takara & Hasbro from 1984

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Transformers G1

The Transformers are fictional cartoon characters that were first created by a Japanese company which was known as the Takara toy company. The Hasbro toy company bought all the rights from the Japanese company and started producing a line of toys known as the Transformers but gave the Takara Company the rights to manufacture and distribute the line of toys in the Japanese market. The first toys that the Hasbro toy company produced in the Transformer series of toys were known as the generation one (G1) line of toys. The G1 line of Transformer toys was first released in the year 1984 all the way up to 1991.

The generation one Transformer toys lasted longer than the first Transformer television series which was launched in the early 1980's. The first Transformer series was simply known as the Transformers until it was re-launched in 1993. After it was re-launched, the name changed from The Transformers to The Transformers: Generation 2. When the generation 2 series was launched, the Hasbro Company changed the name of the first generation series and toys to G1 toys. This name was never the official name of the First Transformer series but it was later adopted because the public referred to them by that name.

In the well known story line of the Transformers series and toy line, Optimus Prime was the leader of the Autobots, who were the good robots in the Transformer series. He swore to defend the right of all the earthlings from the wrath of the Decepticons who were under the leadership of Megatron. Megatron was a very evil robot who wanted to destroy everything on Earth including the people so that he would control all the resources that planet Earth has. Their planet was destroyed and the resources that they had were almost exhausted and they needed to find new resources.

Dinobot was initially a servant of Megatron who was the leader of the Decepticons who were the villains in the Transformer series. Dinobot challenged the leadership of Megatron and ended up being expelled from the Decepticons. He later joined forces with Optimus Prime who was the leader of the Autobots in order to stop evil Megatron from carrying out his wicked plans that are aimed to destroy the Earth. Dinobot greatly enjoyed combat but was taught the peaceful ways by the Autobots.

The name Fortress Maximus was a term that was used to describe the fictional characters that featured in the Transformer series that came from various Transformer Universes. The Transformers were very dangerous in both battle and robot form. The Transformer animated series was produced by the Marvel and SunBow productions companies. In the year 2009, the Shout! Factory announced that they would be buying the rights to the series from the Hasbro Company and would release the series on DVD. The first series was released on DVD in the same year in the month of June and proved to be a big success in the world markets. The characters in the whole Transformer series are well known to kids and the DVD releases were bought by many children across the world online.

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