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Lego is one of the most universally loved toys of all time. Regularly when you see a top ten list of the greatest toys you will see Lego feature on the list nearly every time.

The origins of Lego go back to 1949 when a very early version of Lego was created called Automatic Binding Bricks. But it would not be until January of 1958 where Lego was patented in a manner that resembles the Lego that we have today.

When Lego started to introduce some of their landmark sets such as the Lego City, Castle, Wild West and Space range. People just started to eat Lego up (not literally of course) there was Lego set for everyone and the way that you could use the bricks from say a Lego Space set with a Lego Castle set just captured the imagination of kids all over the world.

Lego had just phenomenal success when they introduced their Lego Star Wars line. The Lego Star Wars sets just flew off the shelves and as a result Lego would go on to partner with many different franchises. Marvel, DC, SpongeBob Square Pants, Disney, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Lord Of The Rings just to name a few. Again a huge part of the appeal of this is that a kid can mix his Spider-Man play set with say a SpongeBob one and all the pieces fit in with each other.

As well as using actual licenses, Lego would have some amazing success with their own new brands as well. For the girls Lego introduced the Lego Friends line. Whereas for boys they had amazing success with their Lego Ninjago and Chima lines. Both Ninjago and Chima have spawned a TV series and a whole bunch of other merchandise.

It's fair to say that at this point in time pretty much every person on the planet knows what the deal with Lego is, but for fun we are going to look at some of the cooler Lego sets that have been released the last few years.

The Simpsons House

Now this is just awesome! The Simpsons in Lego form was something that had been rumored for a few years, but it seemed like it came out of nowhere when Lego showed us their amazing Simpsons house. The house is huge and can even be opened up so that you can see all the rooms in the Simpsons house. While some liberties obviously had to be taken for the most part this is a faithful Lego incarnation of the Simpsons house. As well as this it comes with the entire Simpsons family and their neighbor Ned Flanders. This monster of a set comes with 2523 Lego pieces so you better have a few hours spare to build it.

Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout

This the most elaborate set to feature the DC Super Heroes. It comes with Batman, Robin, Joker, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Harlequin, Scarecrow and a random guard. You get all the figures you need to have some Batman fun. This is one of those Lego sets that is perfect in two ways. First of all its great for a person who wants to build it and then use it as a play set. But also this thing looks so darn cool that it would not be out of place as a display piece. If you have the room of course coming in at 1619 pieces this is not a small Lego set.

Lego Star Wars Death Star

Now this is what us who grew up in the 80's dreamed of!!!! The Lego Star War Death Star is amazing. I comes with a crazy 24 Lego figures including a few who are exclusive to this set. But it's the actual Death Star is self that is the real spectacle. This is something you need to see in person to really appreciate. It's just huge! It has 3803 Lego pieces so you need to have a spare few weeks and a degree in engineering to put this together, but once you do you have one of the most awe inspiring Lego sets

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