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Vintage Toys

Vintage Toys Auctions brings you complete and simultaneous Internet auctions with one bid or more. Using eBay auctions from America, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia you will find the vintage toy for you.

Vintage Toys Auctions allows collectors to search for the best auctions on; Action figures, Building Toys, Classic Toys, Comic Heroes, Diecast, Dolls, Model Trains, and TV Characters.

The Actions Figures category covers all the well loved military, space, and fictional action characters, such as GI Joe, Buck Rogers, Transformers, and Star Wars, plus many more.

Action Figure
Rare 1964-1967 GI Joe Shore Patrol Helmet

Building Toys are toys that involve building blocks and kits. Lego is one such kit that uses plastic building blocks to allow children to create whatever their imagination allows. There are also more mechanical and industrial building toys such as Meccano. Meccano uses rods, nuts and bolts, and gears to produce structures and mechanical devices.

Classic Toys are the toys that never seem to go out of fashion. Classic toys include; robots, stuffed animals, and wind-up toys.

Comic Heroes include all the famous comic book characters that have super powers. Some of the well known comic heroes are Superman, Batman, X-Men and Captain America.

Diecast Toys are metal toys that have been cast from metal. Normally they take the form of miniature cars and trucks and the famous companies that make diecast models are; Corgi, Dinky, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Structo.

Antique Toys
Rare Corgi # 349 Pop-Art Mostest Psychedelic was release before executive approval ... and was removed instantly making it one of the rarest Corgi car (it's believe that less than 400 have been sold).

The Dolls category covers everything from Antique Dolls through to the latest Bratz Doll. It also includes the classic dolls such as Barbie, Cabbage Patch, and Trolls.

Vintage Toys
1965 Barbie American Girl. A very sought-after Barbie doll

Model Trains are very accurately manufactured replicas of real working trains. They are made by a number of companies including Bachmann, Hornby, Marx Train, and Tri-ang.

Finally TV Characters covers toys relating to famous TV and movie stars or characters. This includes Mickey Mouse, Indiana Jones, Smurfs, Charlie Brown, and James Bond.

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